At face value working from home ticks all the boxes - Convenience - DEFINITELY; cheaper - APPARENTLY; flexible - OF COURSE!  Stress free and stimulating - YOU’D HAVE TO THINK SO. But is it?  We take a look at the pros and the cons of working from home and offer up an alternative which just might have you rethinking your decision to do so.

Not having to drive into the city is a definite plus but is your home convenient to those you need to do business with?  Is it close to all the services you require?  Does it have space for the equipment you require without needing to renovate, build, or God forbid force the kids to share rooms?  Are you really happy to have your clients at home not to mention the cleaning!

Is it working from home cheaper? Consider the costs to establish your home office and then maintain it including technology, furniture and consumables; an upgrade to high speed wi fi; and don’t forget the renovations and disruption.  Then there is the increase in utilities summer and winter. Of course there is the saving on clothing, but hang on where is the fun in that?

Research by Regus found the average Australian shells out $240 a month/$2,880p.a. to run their home office, including the cost of equipment and that’s on top of the setting up costs.

You can always work to your own timeframes, start later and finish earlier to accommodate the kids, but is this truly realistic?  Should the business take off this may require earlier starts and later finishes simply to allow you to multi task and manage all the other household duties which of course brings its own stresses.  And all this on your own with no one to bounce ideas off or talk through a problem or strategy.

Co working spaces are designed to be as dynamic as the people who will use them. They offer functionality and flexibility that you won’t see in a typical office.  Here are a few reasons why co working spaces are worthwhile considering - low start up costs, flexibility, central location, networking and work life balance for starters.

Home Base Share, Cheltenham offers Bayside businesses a very cost efficient, technology led co working space that provides everything you require at the touch of your smart device.  Flexible plans, 24/7 access, security, super-fast wi fi, business class printers, presentation equipment, meeting rooms, barista made coffee and so much more.  You can plan your life as you so choose, meet like-minded people and enjoy the bustle of a beautifully managed and clean environment.  So why wait? 

Home Base Share, 352 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3195

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